Interested in membership?

How to become a new member

The ECSR welcomes new members. An ECSR Membership is not individual, but institutional. Institutions that would like to become member of the ECSR are requested to contact the Secretary/Treasurer Irena Kogan at:

The membership fee is 350 Euro per year. For members from former socialist countries, the yearly membership fee is 100 Euro per year.

Membership advantages

Being part of a network of leading research centres in sociology in Europe is the key benefit of membership to the ECSR. Other, more tangible benefits include:

  • Reduced attendance fee at the annual ECSR conference.
  • Reduced fees to participate in the Graduate Summer and Spring School as well as preferential selection of members from ECSR member institutes.
  • Visitor grants to to make a research visit to another member institution.
  • Yearly prize for the best ECSR thesis.
  • Yearly prize for the best article published in the European Sociological Review (ESR).

How to get the ECSR Newsletter

People who would like to be informed of ECSR activities are requested to send an e-mail to: They will receive a (usually monthly) newsletter.