Spring School

After a series of annual workshop sessions, since 1999 ECSR has organized a yearly Spring or Summer School.

On 22-26 March 2021, jointly with the Collegio Carlo Alberto and NASP, the ECSR will organize a Spring School.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Social Inequality

In accordance with the pandemic situation, the school will be held virtually.

The topic for the eighth edition of the ECSR Spring School is The Impact of Covid-19 on Social Inequality. The School is promoted by the European Consortium of Sociological Research (ECSR), Collegio Carlo Alberto and by the universities of Milan and Turin in the frame of the NASP, Network for the Advancement in Social and Political Studies.

This year’s school will focus on the current Covid-19 pandemic, particularly from the point of view of its impact on different dimensions of social behaviour and inequality. A limited number of doctoral students and young researchers will have the possibility to be provided with high-quality training on current research on the impacts of the pandemic. The school will be at distance, and accepted students will participate to a week-long, half-day course (all mornings, from 9.30 to 13), including lectures on the key topics in the field – both conceptual and methodological – and the opportunity to present their work and have it discussed by leading scholars in the field.

The School is organized by Nazareno Panichella (University of Milan), Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan), Filippo Barbera (Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin), Fabrizio Bernardi (European University Institute), Camilla Borgna (Collegio Carlo Alberto) and Tiziana Nazio (Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin).

Lectures will be given and presentations discussed by Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan), Diego Gambetta (Collegio Carlo Alberto), Melinda Mills (University of Oxford), Ariane Pailhé (Institut national d’études démographiques, INED), Nazareno Panichella (University of Milan), Cristiano Vezzoni (University of Milan) and Emilio Zagheni (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, MPIDR).

Applications have to be sent by e-mail (mito.school@unimi.it) by 16 February 2021, and should include
a) an abstract of the paper that will be presented (up to 500 words);
b) a short summary of PhD thesis project or of current research (up to 3 pages);
c) a brief CV (one page).

Priority in admission will be given to students from institutions that belong to the ECSR.

Admission to the School is free of charge.