Network Workshop Grants

The ECSR invites applications for funding to organise small workshops to advance projects involving collaboration between members of ECSR institutions. The grant is particularly intended to foster intellectual exchange and the development of projects that include junior researchers.

Two grants are available up to the value of 5,000 Euro, intended to cover travel, subsistence and accommodation of workshop participants.


Workshops should include members of a minimum of three ECSR organisations (including the applicant). Proposals which include a member institution from an Eastern European country are particularly encouraged.

Workshops should include at least one post-doc or Ph.D. student from outside the organising institution. Proposals in which the organiser him-/herself is a post-doc are encouraged.

Other than that, the number of workshop participants, the institutions they come from, and their seniority is at the discretion of the organiser.

Proposals may include participants who are not affiliated with participating ECSR institutions, but since the primary aim of the grants is to promote collaboration between members of ECSR institutions, this will be taken into account when evaluating the proposals.

A list of current ECSR member institutions can be found at

Proposals should identify the specific research agenda that the workshop aims to address and should clearly set out how the planned activity and participants contribute to advancing it.


Those wishing to apply for a Network Workshop Grant should submit a proposal outlining the aims and anticipated outcome of the workshop in approximately 500 words. The applicant should also provide brief (50–100 words) biographical statements on the proposed participants alongside their institutional affiliations; and should make it clear how the proposal meets the eligibility criteria.

Indicative costs under the headings of travel, accommodation, and subsistence/refreshments should be provided. Note that refund of subsistence costs is limited to a maximum of 40 Euro per person in case of one-day workshops or 55 Euro per person and day in case of workshops lasting more than one day (in both cases with attendance proved by a signature list).

The deadline for the next applications will be June 5th 2024 for an event taking place in the academic year 2024/25. Applications will be reviewed by the ECSR with attention to the intellectual coherence of the proposal and decisions on the applications will be made by the ECSR board and will normally be communicated to the applicants within four weeks of the closing date.

Note that the board reserves the right to offer fewer than two awards in any given year if no suitable applications are received. Exceptionally, it may also offer an additional award.

Applications should be submitted by the closing date by e-mail to All submissions will be acknowledged.

A brief report of the meeting will be requested after it has been held, which covers what it achieved and any expected further developments (e.g. journal special issue proposal, grant application, future collaboration between participants).

Funded ECSR Network Workshops

2024, 14-15 February, Universität Hamburg, Social Institutions and Cognitive Health in Older Age