ECSR and our community of European sociological scholars are devastated about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people and our colleagues. But, above the personal losses, the attack puts research infrastructure under high stress. Fieldwork is interrupted, and collected data is at risk of being forever lost. Support is needed both for fleeing scholars and those that remain. Social science must continue in Ukraine, and the European academic community must strive to maintain this support. We ask members to use their countries’ and institutions’ opportunities to support Ukrainian sociologists wherever possible.

Please see this website for initiatives to help scholars at risk:

If your institute is offering funding for scholars at risk, please add them to this database.

This website focuses on support for demographers or anyone studying population issues. Academic solidarity with Ukraine – Demography (

Most of these resources are oriented towards helping scholars who have fled Ukraine. If you know of any initiatives to help sociologists who remain IN Ukraine, in the short, medium, or long-term, please contact Brienna Perelli-Harris at